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Wang Yi Talks about the Essence of Major Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics: To Promote More Countries' Understanding and Recognition of Socialism Path with Chinese Characteristics

On October 19, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a statement at an open discussion of the delegation of the central state organs and departments to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Wang Yi said that the important report made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 19th CPC National Congress is a political declaration of Chinese Communists to the whole world that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which will not only be unanimously acknowledged by the CPC and the people of all ethnic groups, but will reverberate an extensive and positive response in the international community. The report will enable all countries across the world to gain a more accurate and in-depth understanding of the new historical mission of the CPC and of the new prospects of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This report will provide great stability for the current international situation inundated with uncertainty and will inject a strong positive energy into the pursuit of a better future for human society.

Wang Yi expressed that the historical changes that have taken place in China since the18th CPC National Congress also include the historical achievements made in the field of diplomacy. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, China's diplomacy has always been forging ahead in an active effort. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the report, we have been advancing China's diplomatic agenda in a comprehensive, multi-level, multifaceted way and creating a favorable external environment for China's development. Over the past five years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been taking the front line of the epoch, casting great insight into the changes of global situation, planning and projecting personally and providing a series of new ideas, new initiatives and new strategies on how to well manage diplomatic work under the new situation, which serves as a strong guide to China's diplomacy in such a new situation. General Secretary Xi Jinping also personally visited more than 50 countries all over the world, presided over and attended all kinds of important multilateral forums. Under some critical circumstances of international evolution, he has made China's voice heard, and put forward Chinese proposals, demonstrating the country image and leadership of China as a major country. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China has already explored a path of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, showing a distinctive Chinese style, characteristics and manner. Over the past five years, we have implemented the important concepts put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, such as developing state-to-state relations with communication, not confrontation and partnership. To this end, we have basically built a global partnership network from then on. We have advanced the "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and made this important initiative the largest international cooperation platform in the world and the most popular international public product. In accordance with the outlook on development, security, civilization and governance put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have taken the initiative to tackle various global challenges and become the most dynamic and active force in the process of global governance. Over the past five years, China has unprecedentedly increased its right of setting international agenda, remarkably enlarged its right of making international rules and largely elevated its say in international affairs. All of these respects have shown that China's international status and influence have made an enormous stride forward. More importantly, I think, more and more countries in the world have gained an understanding of China's socialism path with Chinese characteristics; more and more international friends agree with the CPC's ideas on state governance and administration; and more and more people with insight become optimistic about the development prospect of socialism in the 21st century. As China continues to develop, the international community's expectation on China will keep growing and our "international circle of friends" will be always expanding. The practice and achievements made in diplomacy over the past five years have proved that Chinese Communists not only have the confidence and ability to build their own country, but also have the confidence and are able to move forward the common development of all countries. China can not only provide Chinese wisdom for the exploration of a better social system for mankind, but also can provide a new path for all developing countries to modernization. And this is the most essential and meaningful results of China's diplomacy as a major country with Chinese characteristics.


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