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H.E. Mme. Ambassador to Brunei Tong Xiaoling Confers Admission Notices to Five Bruneian Students Admitted into Chinese Universities

On 8th August 2009, H.E. Mme. Tong Xiaoling, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Brunei Darussalam, held a brief ceremony to confer admission notices to five Bruneian students admitted into Chinese Universities at her residence. Present at the ceremony are the five students and their parents, and also Mr. Azis Nayan, Director of the Scholarship Section of the Bruneian Ministry of Education and other Bruneian officials.

Ambassador Tong expressed her sincere congratulations to the five students and their families, urging the students to work hard to master the advanced knowledge learn and the profound Chinese culture so as to serve as a bridge for China-Brunei friendship. The five students and their parents expressed their gratitude to the Chinese Government and Embassy for providing such a good opportunity to study in Chinese universities, pledging to work hard to serve the country and to enhance the traditional friendship between China and Brunei.

Group Photo: Ambassador Tong, Director Azis, & Students

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