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Remarks by Ambassador Yu Hong at the Opening Ceremony of Huawei Brunei's "Seeds for the Future"Program

Hon. Datin Dr. Hajah Romaizah, Deputy Minister of Education,

Vice Chancellors of the Universities and Colleges,

Distinguished high officials of MoE,

Mr. Zhang jianwei, CEO of Huawei Brunei,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Students participating in Huawei Brunei’s “Seeds for the Future” Program,

Good morning to everyone.

It's a pleasure for me to attend the Opening Ceremony of Huawei Brunei’s Seeds for the Future Program. Since its establishment in 2015, five sessions have been successfully held. With the globally raging of COVID-19, the on-site Opening Ceremony reflects Huawei Brunei’s adherence to this program and determination to promote pragmatically its talent localization strategy. The presence of Hon. Datin Dr. Hajah Romaizah and all the other distinguished guests is a demonstration of Brunei’s support and attention attached to the program. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Brunei, I extend my warmest congratulations to the opening of this event.

Currently, the digital economy is embracing development in two ways: industrial digitization and digital industrialization. Thanks to the industrial digitization -- the digital technology is empowering the traditional industries. An increasing number of companies perform management and produce value with the new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and block chain. Meanwhile the digital industrialization manifests that driven by the digital technology, new industries such as remote medical consultation, e-commerce, online learning and other new forms of business are flourishing. Digital economy, a real future-oriented economy, is going to lead the new economic cycle and become a nouveau engine of economic growth.

China’s value-added of the digital economy has reached 35.8 trillion Yuan by 2019, accounting for over one third of its GDP. As people rapidly shift their shopping, recreation and work habits from offline to online under the influence of the epidemic, the in-house economy in formats of online education, digital culture, telecommuting, fresh food e-commerce and so on has been trending upwards. Digital economy, which played an prominent role in combating the epidemic, made important contributions to stabilize China's economy. I believe, embracing the incoming 5G era, the digital economy under the new normal of epidemic prevention and control will give full play in resumption of work and production and recovery of economy globally. The digital economy is expected to thrive in the post-pandemic era and hence inject new momentum to China’s economic and social development with greater steadiness and soundness, bring about greater innovation and growth space for all nations as well.

We are pleased to see that initial success was achieved in the China-Brunei digital economic cooperation. Entering the Bruneian market in 2005, Huawei contributed to Brunei’s 3G and 4G internet construction. Since its launch in April 2019 on jd.com, a well known Chinese e-commerce platform, Brunei National Pavilion has been gradually increasing supplies of Brunei marine products to Chinese consumers. Last September, Beep, a local emerging internet enterprise brought Alipay into Brunei for the first time. So far, more than 100 Bruneian firms have employed this new payment platform. In March of this year, Chinese company Yidu Cloud arrived in Brunei one week after the first case of COVID-19 reported in the country, it contributed to Brunei government’s efforts to set up an AI data platform which functioned outstandingly in Brunei’s successful battle against the COVID-19. During the epidemic, Huawei Brunei donated teleconference equipment and software to Ministry of Health for remote medical consultation.

This year is the Year of ASEAN-China Digital Economic Cooperation. Last June, the Digital Economy Council of Brunei launched Digital Economy Master Plan 2025. On 8 September, the International Seminar on Global Digital Governance themed with“Seizing Digital Opportunities for Cooperation and Development” was held in Beijing. State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi on behalf of the Chinese government proposed the Global Initiative on Data Security. Both China and Brunei are motivated to advance digital economy and promote high-quality growth. I hope China and Brunei will deepen practical cooperation and further promote the economic and social development.

Dear students,

Youth are innovators of the future, nation’s future and China-Brunei relations’ future. I hope you make full use of this e-learning platform provided by Huawei to learn and exchange ideas. I believe that you will not only become the seeds for the future technology progress, but also the seeds for the friendly relations and cooperation between China and Brunei.

I wish Huawei Brunei’s Seeds for the Future Program a great success. Thank you.

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