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Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong Attended the Opening Ceremony of Huawei Brunei's "Seeds for the Future" Program

On 21 September, the opening ceremony of Huawei Brunei’s “Seeds for the Future” Program was held in UBD, Brunei. H.E. Ambassador Yu Hong and Hon. Datin Dr. Hajah Romaizah, Deputy Minister of Education of Brunei were present and delivered remarks. Economic and Commercial Counsellor Kang Wen of Chinese Embassy, CEO of Huawei Brunei Mr. Zhang Jianwei , Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education of Brunei and Vice Chancellors of the 7 Universities and Colleges in Brunei were also present.

Ambassador Yu Hong commended that, with the globally raging of COVID-19, the on-site Opening Ceremony reflects Huawei Brunei’s adherence to this program and determination to promote pragmatically its talent localization strategy. The other day, in the International Seminar on Global Digital Governance, State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi on behalf of the Chinese government proposed the Global Initiative on Data Security. The Digital Economy Council of Brunei launched Digital Economy Master Plan 2025 in June. These shows both China and Brunei are motivated to advance digital economy and promote high-quality growth. As digital economy is vital to economic recovery for both countries in post-pandemic era, Ambassador Yu Hong hope China and Brunei will deepen practical cooperation and further promote the economic and social development. Ambassador Yu Hong believe that young participants will not only become the seeds for the future technology progress, but also the seeds for the friendly relations and cooperation between China and Brunei.

Datin Dr. Hajah Romaizah said that Huawei Technologies are at the forefront of the ICT industry, and the Ministry of Education is building a comprehensive ecosystem for digital learning. The continuous partnerships with different stakeholders in technology, particularly Huawei Technologies, are vital to the success to the Ministry’s initiatives. Seeds for the Future are crucial not only to trigger interest in students, but also in ensuring a sustainable ICT talent pool for Brunei. Datin also thanked Huawei Technologies for the learning opportunities they offer, and hope the students take advantage of the opportunities and become the Brunei’s future experts in ICT.

Mr. Zhang gave a introduction to “Seeds for the Future” Program, and said that this year’s session is going online with 35 students participating in 5 days learning journey. After the opening ceremony, Ambassador Yu Hong and Datin Dr. Hajah Romaizah visited the online learning classroom and interacted with participants.

Since its establishment in 2015 in Brunei, five sessions of “Seeds for the Future” Program have been successfully held and a total of 32 participants have been trained.

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