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Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong attended COVID-19 Testing Kits Donation Ceremony and Met with Bruneian Health Minister Dato Isham

On 17 March 2020, coordinating by the Chinese Embassy in Brunei, Mammoth Foundation from Shenzhen, China donated a batch of testing kits for 1000 individuals, which were developed and produced by BGI, to the Ministry of Health of Brunei Darussalam. H.E. Ambassador Yu Hong attended the donation ceremony and met with Dato Dr. Haji Isham, Minister of Health of Brunei Darussalam, and exchanged views on the efforts of containing the current epidemic COVID-19.

Ambassador Yu Hong briefed on the measures taken by the Chinese government and its progress. Ambassador said that China and Brunei are trusted friends and partners, and their friendship has stood the test of history and time. The virus respects no borders, and all countries in the world are of one community with a shared future. Overcoming the epidemic and protecting the lives and health of people requires the joint efforts of all countries. At the time when China was in critical period combating the epidemic, Brunei extended encouragement and support to China. Brunei is currently facing serious challenges and the Chinese government and people firmly support Brunei's efforts to fight the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy has been keeping close communication with the Ministry of Health of Brunei on the current situation, provides to Brunei the Clinical Protocols for the Diagnosis and Treatment and COVID-19 Prevention and Control Protocol, and shared the anti-epidemic experience. China will work together with Brunei to jointly overcome the current difficulties.

Minister Dato Dr. Isham said that, since the outbreak of the epidemic, Brunei has prepared in advance testing kits with the help of BGI and has the ability to independently detect viruses. Brunei expresses its heartfelt gratitude to China for the donation, and is willing to maintain communication and jointly combat the epidemic.

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