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All out effort by China to check virus spread, says envoy

On January 31, Ambassador Yu Hong answered the《Borneo Bulletin》journalist questions on the measures taken by China to prevent and control the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by the novel corona virus.

All out effort by China to check virus spread, says envoy

1、Q:How is the development of the outbreak of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus? What kind of measures have taken by the Chinese government?

A:Chinese people are fighting against the outbreak of novel coronavirus seriously. On 25 January, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, made a full arrangement for preventing and controlling of the novel coronavirus outbreak. On January 27, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Wuhan to inspect and guide the work for curbing the spread of contagion. Chinese government is making full use of its system advantage, establishing a complete national system of prevention and control, has been making substantive and effective measures for battling the epidemic. All the measures have been undertaken effectively and scientifically in the principle of openness and transparency. In general, the novel coronavirus epidemic can be prevented, controlled and cured.

China’s National Health Commission holds daily press conference to brief the development of disease and the measures which have been taken accordingly, increase the public awareness of the disease. Wuhan and some cities in Hubei province have taken strict measures to control the flow of people and prevent the spread of the virus. The other provinces in China have been providing a large number of medical personnel and medical supplies to support Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province, effectively easing the pressure on the epidemic prevention work in Hubei. Due to the increase of medical personnel and medical equipment with the detection reagent gradually in place, the screening ability and diagnosis speed has rapidly improved, and the number of patients cured and discharged gradually increased. Two new hospitals are being built day and night in Wuhan and one of them is expected to be able to be put into operation in early February, which will further help the city to cope effectively with the disease.

Now is the Chinese New Year holiday, and people all over China are cooperating with the prevention and control measures to strengthen self-protection. Local governments have decided to extend holidays and postpone school openings. The Chinese government gives top priority to the safety of people's lives and their health and also fully concerns the safety and health of all foreign nationals in China. Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have worked hard to provide consular services to Chinese citizens overseas. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has strengthened communication with diplomatic missions in China. The Chinese government's efforts to deal with the outbreak of the disease are supported by international community. Currently the prevention and control of the epidemic is at a critical stage, and we have the confidence to defeat the outbreak.

2、Q:We noticed that Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) visited China recently. Could you brief the visit? How is Chinese government cooperating with the international society?

A:At the invitation of the Chinese government, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO)visited China recently. On Jan. 28th, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Tedros. During the meeting, President Xi said China, in an open, transparent and responsible manner, has released information about the epidemic, responded to concerns of all sides actively, and enhanced cooperation with the international community. As WHO plays an important role in coordinating global public health affairs, China attaches great importance to the cooperation with WHO. WHO is welcome to participate in the epidemic containment, and experts from WHO have already visited Wuhan. China is willing to work with WHO as well as the international community to safeguard regional and global public health security.

Tedros appreciated China's information release in the spirit of "openness and transparency”, as well as the seriousness and actions with which China is taking this outbreak. China's measures are not only for the protection of its own people, but also for the protection of world people. It is because of China's effective measures that those infected outside China only account for 1% of all cases and no deaths out of China have been reported up to now. Tedros also said WHO will make assessment based on science and facts. WHO speaks highly of China's major role in and great contribution to the global public health, and is ready to further conduct strategic cooperation with China.

On the same day, WHO said it will send international experts to visit China as soon as possible to increase understanding of the novel coronavirus and to guide global response efforts.

3、Q: How are the Chinese tourists in Brunei? Were there any confirmed cases of novel coronavirus among Chinese tourists? What kind cooperation has China and Brunei carried out in terms of prevention and control?

A: The Spring Festival break is a peak period of outbound travels of the Chinese tourists. To better prevent and control the epidemic, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China has completely suspended the business operation of travel agencies as of 24 January. For those tour groups that had arrived in Brunei before that date, the Chinese Embassy has been maintaining close contact with the major travel agencies in Brunei, making sure all Chinese tourists are well-informed about health precautions.

On 24 January, the Chinese Embassy was informed by the Ministry of Health of Brunei that a Chinese tourist was in the hospital for fever. After tests with the testing kit for novel coronavirus arrived on the same day, she was confirmed to have a common cold. Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement made by the Brunei public health institutions, she was well-treated and made a safe trip back home. The tourist and her family expressed their heartfelt thanks for the care and kindness they received in Brunei.

It is worth noting that in the above-mentioned lab test, China and Brunei had close cooperation which ensured a rapid and accurate diagnosis. The testing kit used by the Ministry of Health was provided by Chinese BGI Company (a third party testing organization designated by the Chinese National Health Commission). The prompt provision of testing kits by the Chinese company to Brunei, demonstrates the resolute determination of the Chinese government and enterprises to fight against the epidemic hand in hand with the international community. It also shows the further exploration of China Brunei cooperation. China will further the close cooperation with Brunei to safeguard the health and safety of the people.

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