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Ambassador Yu Hong's Remarks at the Farewell Party for the Chinese Volunteers

Awang HJ Ady Syarmin, Acting Vice-Chancellor of University Technology Brunei,

Mr. Lin Wenhua, Acting Chairman of Chung Hua middle schools from Bandar Seri Begawan,

Mr. Chen Yongkui, Acting Chairman of Chung Hua middle schools from Kular BelaitBelait,

All the friends from UTB and Chinese schools,

Good evening, everyone!

It is a great pleasure to be with you at Hari Raya Season, a time for gathering and celebrating. In a few days, three volunteers from Shenzhen will go back to China ending their one-year service at UTB. Today, we are seeing off them and also gathering with the Chinese volunteer and teachers from two of the Chinese schools in Brunei. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Brunei, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your hard work. Thank you for your efforts in promoting the friendship between China and Brunei and introducing Chinese culture to the children in Brunei. At the same time, I would also like to express my gratitude to Vice chancellor, chairmen and teachers of UTB and Chinese schools, for your support of the volunteer program and your care and help to the Chinese volunteers and teachers.

Volunteer is noble. She or he contributes her or his time and energy to serve the society. Compared to the volunteers at home, volunteers abroad take the responsibility for promoting people to people relation to some extent.

China and Brunei share a long history of traditional friendship. In recent years, the two countries have made great progress in cooperation in various fields. In 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a successful state visit to Brunei and the two heads of states decided to elevate bilateral relations to a strategic cooperative partnership. Last April, His Majesty attended the second BRI Summit for International Cooperation in Beijing. In 2018, the total bilateral trade volume reached US $1.84 billion, an increase of 86% to the year of 2017 with the increase rate ranking the first among ASEAN countries. The bilateral relations between China and Brunei have been enjoying smooth growth. At present, the PMB petrochemical project of Hengyi Brunei and CC4 section of Temburong bridge are undergoing smoothly.

China and Brunei are good neighbors facing each other across the sea and a model of treating each other at equal footing. To practice win-win cooperation featured with equality between China and Brunei ensures the healthy growth and continuous progress of our cooperation. China's development is part of Asia's development as well as the progress of developing countries. China hopes to achieve common development and prosperity with all countries including Brunei. This is the reason why China appeals to establish a community of shared future for mankind.

Since I came to Brunei 6 months ago, I have visited UTB and several Chinese schools. I find out volunteers from China like their work here and their efforts are appreciated. I am always happy to see Bruneian learning Chinese. I am always happy to communicate with them in Chinese. There is a saying in Malay, "Tak Kenal, Tak Cinta". Thank the efforts of all Chinese volunteers and teachers for building the bridge for communication. Next year we will celebrate the year of China-Brunei tourism when more tourists will travel between the two countries and bilateral cooperation in various fields will be further strengthened. The Embassy will continue to work closely with Brunei's universities and schools, to carry out youth volunteer programs and promote people to people understanding. I am sure we are able to expect more fruitful results. I am looking forward to working with all of you for the cooperation and friendship between our two countries.

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