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Chinese Ambassador H.E Yang Jian Published an Article

On 2 May 2018, H.E.Yang Jian, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, published an article titled "China Will Carry on Reform and Opening-up after 40 Years of Efforts" on Bruneian newspapers. Following is the full text of the article:

China Will Carry on Reform and Opening-up after 40 Years of Efforts

H.E. Yang Jian

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

In 1978, the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was held in Beijing, which made a historic decision to shift the focus of the CPC and the state to economic development and to start reform and opening-up. This meeting marked a great turning point of far-reaching significance after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Since then, China established four Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou in Guangdong Province and Xiamen in Fujian Province. The SEZs were supported by special policies and flexible measures and acted as important windows and examples for the whole country’s reform and opening-up and socialist modernization. In April 1988, the First Session of the 7th National People’s Congress approved the establishment of the Province of Hainan and designated the entire province of Hainan as another Special Economic Zone.

Over the past four decades, the five SEZs of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen and Hainan have played a role of “test field” in the institutional reform and a role of “window” in the opening-up, and made great contributions to the national reform and opening-up and the socialist modernization drive.

Despite all the trials and hardships in the past 40 years, the Chinese people have been able to add another glorious chapter to the epic of national development with hard work and determined efforts. From rural to urban areas, from pilot to nationwide projects, and from economic restructuring to comprehensive deepening of reform, the Chinese people have significantly unleashed and increased productivity, and brought enormous changes to the whole country. China has grown into the world’s second largest economy, the largest industrial producer, the largest trader of goods, and the holder of the largest foreign exchange reserves. Over the past 40 years, China’s GDP has averaged an annual growth rate of around 9.5% in comparable prices and its foreign trade has registered an annual growth of 14.5% in US dollar. The Chinese people have emerged from a life of shortages and poverty and are now enjoying abundant supply and a moderately prosperous life. According to current UN standards, more than 700 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty, accounting for more than 70% of the global total over the same period.

China’s reform and opening-up has not only profoundly changed the country but also greatly influenced the whole world. Reform and opening-up is a great process that has seen China and the world achieve development and progress together. The Chinese people have made opening-up a fundamental national policy, pursued development with an open door, and accomplished a great transition from seclusion and semi-seclusion to all-round openness. In this process, China has lived up to its responsibility as a major country. From “bringing in” to “going global”, from WTO accession to the Belt and Road Initiative, China has made significant contribution to mitigating the Asian financial crisis and the global financial crisis. Contributing over 30% of global growth in recent years, China has become a key anchor and driver for the world economy and a positive force in advancing the noble cause of global peace and development.

The practice of the past 40 years has proved that opening-up was the key to China’s economic growth and in the same vein, high-quality development of China’s economy in the future can only be achieved with greater openness. The 19th CPC National Congress held last October ushered socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era. In his report delivered at the CPC National Congress, President Xi Jinping emphasized that China will continue to adhere to its fundamental national policy of opening-up and pursue development with its door wide open. At the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 this April, President Xi stressed again in his keynote speech that China’s door of opening-up will not be closed and will only open even wider. On that occasion, President Xi announced new measures to pursue further opening, such as to significantly broaden market access, to create more attractive investment environment, to strengthen IPR protection and to expand imports. Also in April, President Xi announced that China has decided to support Hainan in developing the whole island into a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and China welcomes investors from all over the world to invest and start business in Hainan and participate in the building of a free trade port there, sharing China’s development opportunities and outcomes of its reform.

The world is undergoing a new round of major development, great change and profound readjustment. Humankind still faces many instabilities and uncertainties. The new round of technological and industrial revolution brings fresh opportunities and presents unprecedented challenges. In some countries and regions, people are still living in the shadow of war and conflict. Climate change and major communicable diseases remain formidable challenges. There is only one earth, and mankind has only one homeland. In response to the new challenges, President Xi Jinping put forward China’s proposition: to build a community of shared future for mankind and achieve shared and win-win development. In his keynote speech at Boao Forum, President Xi expressed his hope again that people around the world would work together toward this community with a shared future for mankind and make Asia and the world peaceful, tranquil, prosperous, open and beautiful.

China and Brunei Darussalam are friendly neighbors across the sea. The friendship between China and Brunei could be traced back to ancient times and is full of new energy. In the new historical era, China is ready to work with Brunei to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, share fruits of development, and make a better future for the people of our two countries.


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